The Trusted Advisor is the CPA


Clients rely on your CPA firm for a variety of tax, accounting, attest and other advisory services that help them save taxes, portray their net worth, enhance cash flow, and maximize the fund they have to save and invest.  Many of your clients then need to seek out investment, insurance and other advisors, to help them achieve long-term financial security, often under the rubric of Financial Planning.

Unfortunately, only a limited number of these adivsors have the necessary competence, experience and integrity to properly serve your clients.  But the best exhibit a level of professionalism mirroring that of quality CPA firms.

At NNA, we belive that one of the most important roles CPAs can play on behalf of clients is to help keep them from falilng prey to incompetent or unscrupulous product sellers, who misuse the "financial Planner" title.  Based on our experience, CPAs are particularly well qualified for both this role and to quarterback a quality financial planning team that included attorneys retirement planning experts, investment professionals, valuation specialists and insurance experts.

NNA's primary role is to enable CPA firms to play this quarterback role.

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